Want to become a member of staff? Fill out the application here!

The staff is an important part of a successfully organized adventure. Therefore we would like to thank everyone who helped in making this possible in the past years.

We would also like to invite you to join us again this year and become a part of this unique and extraordinary adventure in Slovenia, which Velenje scouts have been organizing for over ten years!

You can participate in the Adventure Race Slovenia as a member of the staff. We are looking for volunteers who would like to help us carry out the race. It is a great challenge and an opportunity for everyone who will not compete in the race to become a part of the greatest adventure event in Slovenia. It is a chance to gain new experience and make new friends. So if you want to become a part of our staff, please read what the requirements are and what we provide you with.

Even though the Adventure race Slovenia is organized by scouts, you do not need to be a member of any scout organization in order to be a member of the staff. What matters is that you wish to be a part of this event and spend a nice adventurous weekend while helping to making it possible.

Staff duties

  • helping in carrying out the race
  • working at checkpoints
  • helping in transporting the equipment
  • helping the press and the organiser

Staff members will be assigned according to their preferences, experience and competences. Every staff member will receive the schedule of his/her work.


  • aged 18 or more
  • basic first aid skills
  • basic foreign language skills, since there are also international teams competing
  • good physical and mental stamina
  • experience in camping
  • experience in any of the ARS disciplines is a bonus


Required personal equipment

  • warm clothing and footwear
  • sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  • tent (igloo)
  • cooker, cooking and eating set
  • flashlight
  • mobile phone
  • backpack
  • first aid kit
  • toiletries


Organiser provides

  • accommodation in the camp
  • food and drink for the entire race
  • transport to specific parts of the race
  • Buff
  • Adventure race Slovenia T-shirt
  • Staff-only ARS afterparty with food and drinks on the house

Transport expenses to Velenje are not covered by the organiser. A member of the staff must comply with all the regulations and instructions provided by the organiser.

General staff schedule

15:00 lunch
16:00 opening ceremony
20:00 allocation of tasks – assistance in equipment examination, rope ascending and abseiling tests, etc.

6:00 allocation of tasks during the race
6:30 – 24:00 assistance in the race

0:00 – 24:00 assistance in the race

0:00 – 20:00 assistance in the race
17:00 closing ceremony and the announcement of results
17:00 – ??? assistance in cleaning up the venue